Interior : Commercial

Under the Bleachers

As a firm that works with lawyers and finance professionals, for their new office they wanted a space that was more dynamic and vibrant than the older offices. They wanted to flatten the hierarchy that existed amongst the colleagues and create an environment, which would be more conducive to social interaction.

Since the office was designed in an open format, we wanted to use a singular style of flooring to maintain uniformity in the space. This particular pattern was used to create dynamism to the space and give it a more youthful look. The material used was granite, in polished and river washed finish, to give the pattern to the floor in a subtle fashion. This project has been done in collaboration with Gauri Khan. The furniture that has been specified for the project has been sourced from Gauri Khan Design Store as well as designed in collaboration with her and manufactured at Craftred Designs Pvt Ltd. (our custom design manufacturing unit).

Since the office had a monochromatic palate of greys, blacks and woods, a splash of freshness was required in the space to create a focal point and add contrasts. An artificial green wall was designed and formed the backdrop of the reception area, a space that could be seen from all over the office floor. A grid was built on the backdrop of the reception wall and the plants were carefully mounted on this grid to give an even vertical garden look, since the office was closed to an outdoor light and views.


A Reception table appears peeled from the veneered wall.
No false ceiling with the underside of the bleachers forming the ceiling to the office.
Minimalistic metal and glass workstations.


Wankhede, Mumbai


2,000 sq. ft.



Interior : Commercial

A Broker’s Office

Interior : Commercial

Office for ChrysCapital