A Home by the Sea

“Buildings are a new way of looking at contextual reality”. It was with this formative criterion that this home was designed, in a dynamic relation with the sea and the demographic coastline that is unique to Mumbai. While it rests upon a unique structure of intentions that gives form to a hierarchy of ideas, it is also individualistic in terms of the inner workings.

The house embodies an inherent response to the elements facing it. Its perforated facade holds dialogue with the urban side while the glass one on the opposing end is perfect to enjoy a sunset from.

The subtle detailing on the entrance door is enhanced by the vivid blue in the foyer, forging design element connections that unravel in each individual space.The living space is a combination of lines that are clean and grand... of dimensions that are bold and captivating... of designs that are ornate, embellished and yet elemental. The dining area was conceptualised to accord a sense of privacy while continuing a relationship with the skyline that is shared by the house as a whole. Inspired by the Jain marble temples and modified to the Hindu ethos, the play of natural light brings the prayer room alive. The lower floor also houses the master bedroom, the mother’s room and 3 other guest rooms. The upper level has the family space crafted in hues of wood, these quarters offer a luxurious bed, a chaise lounge and a swing rest creating an inner sanctum to unwind in. this floor alos has 2 son’s bedrooms - The dominant orientation of the room is based on the passionate sport preference of the young adult who inhabits it and is integrated with his exuberant choice of colours. While in the other room the intensity of black highlighted by the red, this room showcases the flowing lines of the bed contrasted by the liner design on the wall behind. Encapsulated by neutral tones, the pool is a vivid blue stretching out in seeming contiguity to the horizon and the sea.

Above this floor is the meditation level – or a space to reflect while gazing uponthe horizon. A fully equipped indoor gym and a contrastingly open and lounge like terrace also make up this floor.

Since the luxury of space exists in this palatial home, the basement embodies a game room, with a pool and a poker table, a salon accompanied by a massage space, a large discotechque, not to forget to capture a movie going experience from the comfort of one’s home, the theatre room that amalgamates the latest technology with a beverage and popcorn counter for an authentic feel.

A Home by the Sea


Juhu beach, Mumbai


40,000 sq. ft.



Interior : Residential

The Son

Interior : Residential

A Family Home