Architecture : Institutional

GoldCrest High School

The high school building is the first to be built among the entire Institutional Campus. Its location has been thus chosen ode to the future development that will take place with reference to he hostel and the open recreational grounds.

A large spine that runs through the length of the entire developed block houses the common and administrative functions. A series of fingers then project out of this central spine, which house all the classrooms. This helps in achieving ample amount of air circulation between the various building blocks by creating courtyards of various scales. These are in turn used as green breaks between the building masses to give softness to the structure as well as functionally carry program within them by way of play gyms for the kids. Windows are punctures at various heights and scales depending on the internal use of the space so as to further increase light and air circulation. Locally available material like Tandoor has been used in the flooring in the general spaces, while the administration block has intentionally been made postmodern to stand out iconically in a rural context.


Quadruple Height Atrium
Rock Climbing Wall
Classrooms with 3 sides open
Shaded Courtyards


Latur, Maharashtra


2,50,000 sq. ft.



Architecture : Institutional