Architecture : Healthcare

The Yash Kothari Memorial Hospital

Located in the vicinity of IIT Kanpur and the upcoming New Kanpur city, the Yash Kothari Memorial Hospital looks to provide world-class health-care facilities in an area of imminent development. Owing to the harsh climate typical of Kanpur, the mass of the building was spliced open to optimize natural ventilation and sunlight. The hospital block, housing the medical facilities, consulting areas and patient rooms, also encloses a courtyard, which forms the nexus of the building. It is flanked by a residential apartment block for the doctors, staff and families of the patients. The entire ensemble rests on a landscaped podium that fulfills the parking requirement for the hospital.

Factoid : Through the positioning of the waiting areas, lobbies and lifts, the Hospital is designed in such a hierarchal manner that access can be regulated throughout with the use of a swipe- card, ensuring optimal levels of safety and hygiene.


Green Building Norms Compliant
North Light Illuminating Internal Courtyards
200 Hospital Beds and 75 Serviced Apartments


Kanpur, UP


4,00,000 sq.ft.


Under Construction